Office Chairs; Out with the Old in With the New

Do you know how the company you work for picked the chair that you sitting on? It wasn’t picked with your comfort in mind. It wasn’t picked for your ergonomic pleasure. It wasn’t even picked with you in mind at all. Office chairs are picked by color and style of a person who really doesn’t care about the color or style. They just want 300 ugly chairs to show so they can put them in the 300 ugly cubicles.

The person in charge of ordering office chairs is usually in charge of a lot of other equally mundane projects. The office chair is not at the top of their priority. As long as it meets the budget and their boss agrees on the color, you have a chair. No concern of style, or comfort or even safety. 오피

What you need to do is get a new office chair. This takes some planning on your part. Your company is not going to get one for you. Pick out a chair that you want. Try to get one that keeps in the same theme as the office. You don’t want some fluorescent orange chair shaped like a hand. You also have to remember that the one you are picking is more money then they spent on your original office chair, so keep the price some what conservative.

Once you have picked out your chair, go to your manager or boss and start complaining about your old chair. The chair sags to one direction and it’s starting to put a strain on your back. The chair is starting to get so uncomfortable that you find your self walking around more and more just to work out the kinks. Don’t whine about, just in conversation.

Like most bosses, he has better things to do then worry about your dumb chair. But he also has to worry about productivity and your safety. He is not going to say “hey why don’t you get a new office chair, yours seem to be causing you so much trouble.” Go to him and say “this chair has had it, I would like another one.” “Let me look into a new one that won’t be breaking down so soon.” Offer a solution. Bosses like it when they have a solution presented to them that they don’t have to put much thought into.

Then come back and give them a couple of options. Make sure you give your boss one option that is a higher in price then the others. Make the others close in price, but also acceptable options for you if your boss makes the choice for you. Don’t give them a high middle and low. Depending what kind of boss you have you could end up with a worse office chair then you started with.

This has worked many times for me. It’s not always this easy but, nothing ventured nothing gained. Office work doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. You spend a considerable amount of time in that chair, do what’s right, and get a new office chair.

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